Honoring Shirley Chisholm, the first African American Woman to serve in the United States Congress (seven terms 1969-83).

“I do things that need to be done, that others don’t have the guts, stamina or audacity to do.”

Shirley Chisholm was a charismatic and outspoken Brooklyn educator and politician. “Fighting Shirley” was a tireless advocate for her constituents, quotable and stylish and unyielding. She definitely placed some cracks in the glass ceiling for all women who came after her to further assail.

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Never Ever Ever Give Up! is a quote I have repeated for the last 30 years as an entrepreneur in technology and this art design was a pure joy to create. From the inception of the design, I wanted to illustrate a female hand smashing through the glass ceiling of the patriarchy. I loved working on the adornment of the “brass knuckles” - designed with a tough feminine attitude. I added an extra “Ever” in this phrase, because that's just what it takes for women...more of everything to be heard, to achieve and gain self-fulfillment. So, here’s to all of us women who have given it our all, put on our brass knuckles and found a way to smash through the world’s and society’s proverbial glass ceilings.