Creating Empowerment Art - Mixed Media Statement Art - Every Piece One-Of-A-Kind

Be OUTSPOKEN by Susan Kaineg

Nonconformist, outspoken upstart creating fine art inspired as a coping mechanism from my career experiences and observations of inequity and gender bias. Throughout history, the inaction or indifference of silent voices has made it possible for the oppressor, the bully, the tyrant, the abuser to triumph.

The art I create is a unique composition – the foundation is hand-stretched painted canvas with bold, colorful and free flowing acrylics, carefully wrapped around a composite plate to maximize side beauty. Placed 1-inch above the canvas is a clear acrylic panel with original digital artwork giclée. The third layer is raised sculptural relief secured into the composite plate. All three layers are encased in a museum grade vitrine.

I believe in strong imagination, the power of art and handcrafted artisanship – each piece evidence of the vigor of creativity and the human spirit. I call it ‘empowerment art’ and each of my designs is dedicated to an amazing global citizen past or present – a person who has caused a disturbance or challenged the way things are done, always in a way that dramatically improves the situation.