Dedicated to Michelle Obama.

"When they go low, we go high", stated the incredible Michelle Obama.

Her belief that we all can become a light for ourselves and others is why we celebrate Michelle with our latest original artwork.

Michelle’s stance on social justice issues have made her a renowned figure as well as becoming her defining legacy.

Here’s to you, Michelle...Shine On!

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We each have our own way of shining our light out into the world and we can all make the choice to be one of these people. The art for Choose to Shine is whimsical and joyful with a few important notations. The delta, symbol of change, in the middle of the design is significant: (1) The light bursts out of the central delta symbol signifying making a conscious change regarding how we internalize happy and unhappy moments in our lives (2) we transform from the mundane attitudes to choose to show the world our best, highest selves, and (3) this choice creates more much so that everyone around us can feel this positivity emanate and they are in turn changed by it and so it goes and multiplies.

Abraham Lincoln said, “A person is as happy as they make their mind up to be.” Why not choose to shine?