Our Shared Values

Our passion is to provide beautiful statement décor affirming empowerment and equality for all – globally. “Be OUTSPOKEN…bold, unapologetic and fearless in our core beliefs of equality and empowerment.”

Our calling is to make statement décor for individuals and businesses who seek inspiration and empowerment for conscious daily living. We create unique and bold statement décor to cultivate a more inspired life. Our products are a daily dose of inspiration for your best life.

Inspirational design that allows owners to embrace their values and give rise to their desire to make a positive impact on people, culture and the planet.


Why are we different?

Originator of one-of-a kind mixed media statement décor focused on those who stand for inspiration and empowerment.

Each hide is a limited edition, numbered designer collectible.

Original design work that is beautiful, unique, colorful and demands immediate attention.

Unique messaging to display values, motivation and inspiration with all who come into contact.

Artwork is durable and will look great for years.

Our hides and materials are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly.