• Empowerment Art - 3D Mixed Media - Choose To Shine - Small 12"x12"

Empowerment Art - 3D Mixed Media - Choose To Shine - Small 12"x12"

  • $995.00

Original, one-of-a-kind mixed media fine art collectible for desktop or wall mounting. Backdrop of highly colorful water-based paints, personally hand painted on canvas by Susan M. Kaineg, CEO, founder and art director at Be OUTSPOKEN. This canvas is carefully wrapped and affixed around a composite plate to ensure a beautiful side profile and enhanced visibility of the painted background of this unique statement piece. All interior art elements are fully protected and enclosed in a beautiful museum-class vitrine. The back of the piece is gloss black with printed inspiration from the design and signed by the artist.

This fine art collectible is from our signature award-winning design CHOOSE TO SHINE series, produced giclée style on optically clear acrylic, hovering above the painted canvas. A 3D sculpture surrounds the outer perimeter, created in laser cut metal and raised 1” from the canvas surface. It is plated in a soft gold with meticulously placed gemstones.

Size and Weight: SMALL - 12" x 12" x 2", 4 lbs.

Shipping Time: Typically ships 1-3 days after order and payment.

Mounting Style: Desktop or wall. Recessed keyhole-type hardware for flush wall mount or sleek desktop display.

Quantity Available: One. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of fine art hand-painted and personally crafted by Susan M. Kaineg, winner of several of the top international awards in the home decor industry. Every collectible is signed by the artist.

Attention To Detail: Tremendous quality is embedded into every detail of this and all of our mixed media fine art collectibles. The painted canvas artwork is carefully polished and varnished for UV protection and a satin finish for many years of longevity, all by hand by the artist. Every fastener is perfectly recessed and color-coded to match the design elements. All drilled holes in the outer protective vitrine are flame polished to a glassy finish by hand torch. Every clear acrylic vitrine is graded and rated for museum quality.


Dedicated to Michelle Obama.

"When they go low, we go high", stated the incredible Michelle Obama.

Her belief that we all can become a light for ourselves and others is why we celebrate Michelle with our latest original artwork.

Michelle’s stance on social justice issues have made her a renowned figure as well as becoming her defining legacy.

Here’s to you, Michelle...Shine On!


We each have our own way of shining our light out into the world and we can all make the choice to be one of these people. The art for Choose to Shine is whimsical and joyful with a few important notations. The delta, symbol of change, in the middle of the design is significant: (1) The light bursts out of the central delta symbol signifying making a conscious change regarding how we internalize happy and unhappy moments in our lives (2) we transform from the mundane attitudes to choose to show the world our best, highest selves, and (3) this choice creates more happiness...so much so that everyone around us can feel this positivity emanate and they are in turn changed by it and so it goes and multiplies.

Abraham Lincoln said, “A person is as happy as they make their mind up to be.” Why not choose to shine?