Introducing the First-Of-Its-Kind Custom Statement Décor

At High Point Fall Market, Be OUTSPOKEN will debut its handcrafted collections of stunning art-on-hides. Never before has the world seen such spectacular colours inlaid into natural cowhides. Gorgeous and inspirational, "This Art Is Made For Walking".

Visit Us At High Point Market Oct 13-21. Click here to set up your day and time.

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Be OUTSPOKEN Delivers For Retailers

Without a doubt one of the newest, coolest and most innovative décor products of the year, Be OUTSPOKEN is the first in history to apply brilliant colours to natural hair-on hides with the durability required for area rug long-term quality. Sustainably sourced hides and eco-friendly materials satisfy wellness expectations.

High-impact art and colourful designs will stop visitors in their tracks with fascination and wonderment. Stunning and unique hides create word-of-mouth and attract new customers. Inspirational art designs will excite those customers who love larger-than-life statement decor and are bold in their aesthetic.

Be OUTSPOKEN Collections

Every hide is a numbered, limited-edition collectible.

Five art designs presently available, with many more to come.

Bespoke process - selection of design, hide and trim.

High quality, brilliant pigments will remain bright for years.

Durable artwork is designed to withstand normal foot traffic.

Every hide handcrafted with more than 25 hours of care.

Eco-friendly materials and sustainable sourcing. UV protected.

Retail pricing category: premium / upper end. Inquire for details.

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Our Latest Customer Feedback

"The eagle has landed - I just received my Be OUTSPOKEN Defend Equality hide. I am SO OBSESSED with it!! It's a showstopper! You have no idea how excited I am. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!"

Rachel Moriarty

Owner, Rachel Moriarty Interiors, 2020 High Point Market Style Spotter

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